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Una coalición de alfabetización diseñada para promover la lectura por placer y aumentar las bibliotecas hogareñas mediante la donación de libros nuevos a los estudiantes que leen activamente en el programa.


Phase 2 - Backbone Support for Collective Impact

Collaborate with nonprofit, government, corporate, civic, and faith-based organizations; community leaders, educators, colleges and universities, parents, guardians and students to form a collective impact to increase resources and equitable opportunities. Together we will use and develop best practices and a leadership program derived from research, collected data and evaluation.

Phase 3 - Develop Young Leaders

Readers & Achievers - Book by Book

A literacy partnership designed to promote reading for pleasure and to increase home libraries by donating new books to students actively reading in the program.  Enrolls 2nd grade students. Includes: Kick-Off Events with guest authors, EOY Celebration Awards, and Scholastic Family Literacy Events.  We are a member of the Scholastic Literacy Partnerships. 

* GLEAMS Leadership Academy * - "Where Opportunity Knocks"
A Full-Service Community School with partnerships that cultivates  young leaders to thrive in their community with a commitment to academic, social, economic, environmental, and civic excellence. 
Areas of Specialty: Government, Literacy,  Economics, Arts, Math and Science. 

A Middle School program for sixty 5th grade gifted and talented  students who need more (resources and opportunities) to achieve more.   Over four years, the program will provide: a student-centered curriculum that include various Project Based Learning (PBL) units, encompassing all grade-level subjects across grades 5 through 8.  Curriculum goals include raising literacy and critical thinking through inquiry, reaching and exceeding benchmark standards in English Language Arts, Math, and Science, and guiding students toward completing Algebra 1 by the end of 8th grade.

Students will have the opportunity to prepare and qualify for Specialty High School programs. 

GLEAMS Leadership Academy  develops young leaders for the full STEAM ahead!


Our Gallery

Participating Schools

Overby Sheppard Elementary, est. March 15, 2022

RC Longan Elementary School, est. April 19, 2022

Identificación del impuesto:  85-2622208

Dirección: apartado de correos 2338

Glen Allen VA 23058



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